CRM For Estate Agents

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Confirm Your Valuation Price And Fee, With A Twist...

Crm’s for estate agents have been around since the mid 1990’s. Unfortunately for agents, they also have not changed much since then! They were originally designed to help agents match and email properties out to buyers and tenants and then became an easy way to upload properties to the web for advertising. Nowadays, agents mostly use these systems since there is nothing better available that will solve their frustrations.

The frustration when looking for the best crm for estate agents, is that they all currently do pretty much the same thing: not a lot.... When it comes to working as an estate agent in today’s world you require systems that will do more than match, mail and upload properties to portals. The modern estate agent, requires a system that will act as a member of the team. Helping out with daily tasks, scheduling social media posts around useful content and properties, letting the front line agents know who to call and when in order to book more viewings and valuations, staying in contact with your database without you needing to lift a finger, bringing you real time reporting on not just viewings and valuations but your cost per lead from the different portals, which of your marketing efforts are working best and even allow you to have insights that you otherwise would be blind to, such as who is on your website and when. But instead, most agents are still left with 2nd rate software that really does not do very much at all for their business when analysed.

The goal of the ultimate crm for estate agents would be one that would not only improve productivity and efficiency for estate agents in terms of selling and letting property, but that also acts as a marketing and communication tool in order to generate new listings, along with automations that allow an agent to do the human side of the business, whilst supported by world class technology to create a winning combination. Importantly that system must also be easy to use for non-technical people to allow everyone from the top to the bottom of the company to benefit. Technology in today’s world has become more focused on the user experience and ease of use and as such implementation should now be almost ‘self-explanatory’. The role of the best software for estate agents is to simplify their lives, not make it more complicated.

The solution to these problems is Lifesycle. Built by agents, for agents and powered by world class technology. Welcome to your new business...

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