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Marketing for estate agents has advanced dramatically over the last 5 years. For many years, leaflets, letters and door knocking were considered to be the only real ‘marketing’ tools for estate agents in order to get called out to new valuations. However, as with the rest of the world, more sophisticated methods have now become more common in our industry. Content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more all now look at the bigger, long term picture of how to build a successful estate agency business as opposed to the one hit wonder approach of sending a leaflet out. But this multitude of new methods has led to its own frustrations.

Some of the most common frustrations we hear are that: “Marketing takes up too much time!” Not only that, it has become harder and harder for agents to be able to see what is worth doing and what is not. For instance, sharing useful content on social media may sound like a good idea but how do you identify if any of that ever leads to any revenue being generated? Or if anyone is even paying attention to your content? It can also commonly lead to a big mess of random tools that all sounded great individually but now you have 5 or 10 of them you have lost track of what the hell they are all doing and are tired of logging into 10 different places to update lists and see what is happening.

The ideal goal for any Estate Agency marketing software would be to bring all of the modern day aspects of marketing together under one roof, allowing the agent to not only have one clear picture of everything that is happening but to also allow for a much more personalised approach to marketing due to the software knowing what any one particular client has done across the entire marketing journey from what social media posts they have interacted with, right through to where they are on their journey to becoming a vendor, landlord, buyer or tenant with you and what to show them next to help on that journey.

Lifesycle achieves this by not only allowing estate agents to manage all of their marketing tools inside one system, but by also allowing those tools to talk to each other in order to work for you while you sleep. Have a look below to find out more about some of the most advanced marketing tools available to estate agents.

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