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Confirm your valuation price and fee, with a twist...

30 years ago, agents would post or hand deliver a letter after a valuation, to confirm how much they valued the property at and the fee they would charge for selling it. 20 years ago this letter became an email attachment and it stayed this way until eventually Iceberg Digital came up with the Bait presentation system back in 2016.

Lifesycle follows on from this method but in a more sophisticated way, allowing agents to book a market appraisal appointment into their calendar, and gather all of the information as to why the person is looking for a valuation, when they are looking to move etc. All of this information is like gold inside Lifesycle as it can be used in audiences to personalise marketing.

Once the appointment has been booked, a confirmation email is sent to the vendor or landlord, confirming the appointment and pointing them towards links or videos you would like them to watch before the appointment.

After the appointment the valuer or an administrator can simply convert that appointment over into a market appraisal and add the valuation price and the proposed fee. This in turn will send an email and SMS to the vendor or landlord with a link to the full presentation, complete with info about your company and frequently asked questions.

If the vendor or landlord likes the proposal, they can simply click to instruct you directly from the webpage. But there’s a twist.

From here on in, whenever that vendor or landlord is reading any of the content on social media, email or SMS that they are being automatically sent through Lifesycle, the valuer will receive an instant notification by email letting them know that John Smith, whose property they valued at 26 High Street four months ago, is currently on the website reading the About us page, so now would be a good time to touch base.

Lifesycle will also place that vendor or landlord into a pre-built email nurture journey of your choosing, allowing you to slowly remind them of all of the key aspects of using your company that you spoke about while on the valuation.

Automatically staying in contact with every potential instruction forever through nurture journeys and automations in this way and receiving notification when it is the right time to contact them results in not only instant wins but makes life and business easier in the long term as you continually build up your pipeline of potential new business, making your company very difficult to go into competition with.

The days of sending a letter as an email attachment are over. This creates a better experience for the customer as it can be almost instant (valuer can even do it in the car outside or even in the vendor/landlords living room if needed) and they can simply click to instruct from the page. And it is better for the agent as the vendor or landlord is now being communicated with forever and the valuer is getting a little nudge from Lifesycle when they are active so they can close more deals.

How Will This Help Me If I Am A...

  1. Director/Owner Of The Business
  2. Valuer/Lister In The Business
  3. Negotiator In The Business
  4. Administrator In The Business

Director/Owner Of The Business

See up to the minute stats on how many market appraisals you are booking, attending and converting. See how much potential business you have coming down the line and see which of your valuers are not only converting best but selling the ones that are converted!

Director/Owner Of The Business

Valuer/Lister In The Business

There are no more time wasters or lost instructions as Lifesycle will stay in contact with everyone forever and let you know when the right time is to contact them in order to close the deal. Imagine getting an email today saying someone who’s property you valued two years ago is back on your website reading ‘How to get your property ready for sale’! It is essential.

Valuer/Lister In The Business

Negotiator In The Business

By having all of your companies market appraisals available to see in the system, you can see what potential properties might be coming to market soon in order to construct your future deals.

Negotiator In The Business

Administrator In The Business

Booking appointments and creating and sending post market appraisal presentations becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time on more meaningful tasks.

Administrator In The Business

How Will This Help My...

  1. Vendors & landlords

Sending web based post appraisal presentations helps give a much more modern and impressive impression of your company, and also creates a better experience for the customer as it can be almost instant (valuer can even do it in the car outside or even in the vendor/landlords living room if needed) and they can simply click to instruct from the page.

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