Automatically Let The People Know When You Sell Or Let A Property

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Letting people know that you are very successful at what you do by sharing your results can sometimes been seen as bragging. However, to certain people that are actually thinking about selling or letting their property it is actually a very useful indication that they will achieve what they are looking for if they were to use your company.

Lifesycle takes care of finding this balance of who to show these messages to through another of our automations that are there to make your life easier and your business run smoother.

The way this automation works is that whenever your team mark a property as SSTC or LET, lifesycle will automatically go looking for any market appraisals that you have ever done nearby that have not yet come on the market with you and send them an email letting them know that you have sold or let another property nearby and really need more properties in this area. It will point them back to revisit their market appraisal report and if they do it will alert your valuer that one of their old appraisals is active and might be worth a call.

Because this all takes place in the background from you simply marking a property as SSTC or LET, there can never be another situation where you sell or let something near another of your potential instructions and they do not know about it.

This cycle works away in the background and just brings more food to the table for your valuers automatically.

How Will This Help Me If I Am A...

  1. Director/Owner Of The Business
  2. Valuer/Lister In The Business
  3. Administrator In The Business

Director/Owner Of The Business

This automation means that regardless of manpower, staff ability or anything else, your business now has fundamental systems and structures in place to try and help you generate more listings from your successes.

Director/Owner Of The Business

Valuer/Lister In The Business

With Lifesycle performing this task in the background it will just create more notifications for you to let you know your potential new listings are active and make it easier for you to close due to the success they are seeing.

Valuer/Lister In The Business

Administrator In The Business

Automations like this mean you no longer have to spend time trying to organise spreadsheets and send emails to do the same thing and can stay focused on more meaningful work.

Administrator In The Business

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