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Instant valuation tools have proven to be a great hit with estate and letting agents nationwide and as such we include one as part of your Lifesycle subscription. However, a common problem, which agents seem to have, is that once the instant valuation lead comes in, if the client declines a face-to-face valuation, they don't really know what to do with it.

Using a nurture system like Lifesycle easily solves this problem so that if anyone completes your instant valuation lead generator, they will automatically have their info stored in your Lifesycle account.

Your team will follow up as usual but Lifesycle will then continue to nurture that contact and keep the lead alive by sending them your engaging, entertaining or educating content, either through a pre-built nurture journey, ad hoc email marketing or automated monthly newsletters, ultimately keeping you at the top of their thought process without you having to do a thing. Lifesycle will also allow you to specifically target them with ads in Facebook using audiences.

Lifesycle also includes a remote valuation tool, more detailed than an instant valuation and it provides another interaction with your company, letting you slowly nudge clients along the road of putting their property on the market with you and you can use automations in Lifesycle in order to automatically ask anyone who completes your instant valuation if they would like a more detailed remote valuation from one of your team.

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You don't have to go it alone. Master the new ways of working in Estate & Letting Agency and get the most out of your tools with Lifesycle's legendary customer support team, tutors, coaches and a community of hundreds of agents just like you. We have even built our very own Lifesycle Academy just for you and your team.