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Lifesycle includes a remote valuation webpage, that allows your clients to give you detailed information about their property and upload photos in order for you to give them a valuation in person but remotely. This tool has proven very successful in getting your instant valuations along the road to becoming real valuations without worrying that any of them might fall through the cracks.

This is a proven process that many of the Lifesycle agents have been carrying out manually, but now you can turn on the automation to work even more efficiently.

This automation will send each instant valuation lead an email titled, ‘Why You Might be Disappointed With Your Instant Valuation?’ In this email is an explanation of why instant valuations can be inaccurate at times as well as a call to action and link to your Remote Valuation page. This will help you to convert more instant valuations to market appraisals and allow you to start building relationships with your potential clients sooner.
Once the potential seller or landlord completes all of the details about their property and uploads their photos, your team will be notified and then can just simply click a button in order to convert all of the vendor or landlords entered information over into a full market appraisal report. They add in their estimated valuation and your fees and send it over.

The potential client will now be in your tracking and marketing system allowing you to stay top of their thought process automatically and your team will get notification when it is the right time to contact them for the listing.

Welcome to a smarter way of working. Welcome to Lifesycle.

How Will This Help Me If I Am A...

  1. Director/Owner Of The Business
  2. Valuer/Lister In The Business
  3. Administrator In The Business

Director/Owner Of The Business

Know that Lifesycle is automatically trying to convince every single one of your instant valuation leads to take one small step further along the road to becoming a listing and stay lockdown ready, in case you need the ability to offer valuations remotely.

Director/Owner Of The Business

Valuer/Lister In The Business

Receive detailed information from new potential sellers and landlords allowing you to get into more detailed and open discussions with them than basic instant valuation leads.

Valuer/Lister In The Business

Administrator In The Business

Convert the remote valuation enquiries straight over into full web-based market appraisal reports with the click of a button.

Administrator In The Business

How Will This Help My...

  1. Vendors & landlords

Allow vendors and landlords to have some middle ground between an automated computer-generated valuation and having to have someone come round to their property and sell to them. Show you are a forward thinking and cutting-edge agency offering all types of valuation options to them.

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You don't have to go it alone. Master the new ways of working in Estate & Letting Agency and get the most out of your tools with Lifesycle's legendary customer support team, tutors, coaches and a community of hundreds of agents just like you. We have even built our very own Lifesycle Academy just for you and your team.