Reporting for Estate Agents

Reporting Tools for UK Estate Agents

Reporting for any business is an absolutely key ingredient to both their scalability and their success. Reporting should always allow for a business to see their weak points and strong points with ease. Not only will it help them to address any potential issues and maximise profit but should also give them insights into things they otherwise may never have seen as related issues. This is more of a modern trend in business and requires cutting edge technology in order to bring that kind of business intelligence to the right people.

For the majority of agents we speak to the frustration around their reporting comes in the form of the restrictive and legacy based systems they are using to input their transactional data. Most agents complain that they are unable to produce the reports they require and if they can produce them, they are either incomplete, time consuming or down right incorrect. This is actually a problem with most software built before 2015 and even for many built after this date. The reason for this is due to the technological advancements that have taken place in terms of how data is stored and thus retrieved by the system in question.

The goal for the ultimate reporting tools for estate agents would be for them to have instant and easy to read insights immediately available to the right people at the right time. For instance, the owner of the business may well want instant information available to them about how many exchanges and completions are taking place but that information may not be relevant or useful to a member of the team tasked with dealing with enquiries. Instead, for them they may want instant information around which enquiries have been dealt with and which are outstanding. Likewise, from a marketing perspective, agents need simple to read reporting in real time that is showing them how their content on social media is doing and if they need to up their game or have found the right balance.

To give a true overview of the business your system must cover the entire lifecycle of a client. From the marketing and social media, right through to valuations, instructions, viewings, exchanges and completions. Once all of that data, all of your users and interactions are in one centralised system you can use both Big and Small data to gain unparalleled insights into your business, find issues you did not know you had, correct them and watch your profits soar. 

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