Social media for Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing for Estate and Lettings Agents

Social media has become an essential part of any estate agency business. Not just for the advertising of new listings but also for the distribution of content and running adverts in order to drum up new business. 
Estate agency has been a slow adopter of social media tools and most agents are still using social media without any sort of specific strategy, just posting because they feel they should be as opposed to knowing why they are doing it and seeing if it is working. 

The frustration when it comes to social media marketing for estate agents usually falls into one of the following categories. The first is the amount of time it takes up in order to be consistent with social media posts to all of the different platforms, this alone can become a full time job and more often than not there will be times when an agent ends up going quiet for too long on social media, not through choice but because no one has got around to posting, this problem alone can undo lots of good work. The second problem is based around how to know if anything they are doing on social media is actually paying off in anyway at all? 

A picture of a cat got 10,000 likes - so what? How do you see if any of this is translating into actual revenue? And the final frustration is usually around how to make sure the right people are seeing the right things from your company, so if someone is looking to buy a 2 bedroom flat how do you make that brand new 2 bed flat listing pop up in front of them specifically, whilst at the same time if someone else has had you round for a valuation, how do you make sure they are seeing your testimonial video?

The goal for agents would be for both the strategic and manpower side of social media to be made easy, making sure that the company can be consistently at the top of their game in terms of their social media marketing but without it interfering with the time it takes to run the everyday operations of an estate agency. In an ideal world these tools would sit inside of their estate agency software, allowing not only for easy access for the platform they are always using but also allowing the system to connect up their up to date contacts to allow them to run property or testimonial ads to the right people and share properties without any fuss involved.

The building of the Lifesycle platform for estate agents takes all of these frustrations and solutions into account and is the only comprehensive software for estate agents that takes all of these aspects and brings them together into one centralised platform. Allowing agents to schedule their content and properties to go out across multiple social media platforms at scheduled dates throughout the month and sync their contacts in real time organised by whatever filters you might choose in order to run ad's to those specific people on social media. If you are an estate agent and believe in social media, there is no better option for your business than Lifesycle.

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