Estate Agents


For the past 25 years estate agency has been stuck with the same old foundations of software to help them with their every day job. At the same time, the last 25 years has seen the world firmly plant their feet into the digital age, with the invention of social media, smart phones and big data.
All of these innovations have passed estate agency by, leaving them with systems that only help them do simple tasks, such as book a viewing in a calendar or upload a property to the web. Outside of these functions, estate agency software has almost universally failed to evolve.
Ultimately this leads to the general public suffering and as a result wondering why their estate agent is still working in such a slow and backwards way (know that feeling when dealing with solicitors?).

The frustration for agents looking for the best estate agency software is that they are all still based around the principles of the ones built 25 years ago. For example to register buyers and tenants in order to email them properties and add properties in order to upload them to your website and the portals, and generally that is pretty much about it. So whilst the estate agency industry themselves would like to evolve, their options to do this are quite limited unless they also want to start trying to build a technology company.

Imagine if there was an estate agency software that allowed for the basics like registering applicants and uploading properties to the web but also ripped up the normal and reinvented software based on today’s world, so that the same platform allowed you to not only post properties to social media but actually see WHO was looking at those properties both on social and on your website. Imagine if that same software allowed you to schedule and post your content to social media, or work as an email marketing system, allowing you to set up email nurture journeys? Imagine if that system would automate certain tasks for your team such as following up for feedback from valuations and viewings and automatically qualifying portal enquiries to automatically find you the gold of who needs a valuation or a mortgage without your team having to ask. What if that system also allowed you to build landing pages to gather new leads directly into your system and had advanced functions like segmenting your database automatically and finding the right people to place your properties and content in front of in social media.

Estate agents no longer have to settle for out of date technology. Welcome to the new age of estate agency. Welcome to Lifesycle. 

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