Franchise Agents


Taking a franchise of an already existing brand can be a great option for agents looking for immediate recognition from a brand perspective. On top of this the franchisor will most likely offer help and support in terms of some marketing and software.

For some this help and support will be enough but for others they can often find themselves looking to invest further into systems that will help with their marketing or productivity. Most Franchisors are happy with this as the more exposure and success the franchisee achieves the better for the franchisor too. Very few franchisors in estate agency have such strict agreements that would restrict the franchisee from investing in their own marketing or systems.

From our personal experience over the years of working with various franchise estate agency brands at both branch and head office level is that the franchisee generally falls into one of two categories. The first would be the type who have taken the franchise because they find that route easier and are happy to run the business as a great small side-line. The other is just as ambitious as some of the most forward-thinking independent agents out there and enjoy the support of head office but fully invest in their own systems and development too, striving to grow the business as their main occupation. 

It is the latter of these two generalisations that find Lifesycle fits in perfectly with their needs as they are looking to invest and grow the business. Lifesycle can work just as brilliantly for a franchisee as it would an independent agent but it is for those looking to build a strong and structured business over the long term as opposed to those looking for some sort of one hit wonder.

The productivity tools inside Lifesycle are perfect for a small business as they ensure that you can automate tasks such as qualifying portal leads, following up with valuations, creating monthly email newsletters and letting potential new sellers know about your successes without you having to get involved, freeing up your time to work on the human side of the business.

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