Letting Agents


The ongoing property management side of letting agency has evolved well in the past few years and this is not something that Lifesycle gets involved with. However, the front end of lettings has been left as the poor relation to estate agency for far too long. Letting agents are all too often forced to use sales-based software in order to do simple tasks such as booking in viewings or uploading properties to portals. But the front-end side of lettings i.e. up to the point of offer accepted can be an administrative nightmare due to the amount of volume and quick turnaround of both properties and enquiries.

The front end of lettings is just as vital as the property management side but all too often the systems that letting agents are forced to work with are below par, leading to a below par experience for their customers through no fault of their own.

Now with Lifesycle, for the first time, the front end of lettings has been well thought out in order to automate the multitude of administrational tasks and lead qualification allowing you to see the wood for the trees and get your lets completed quickly and efficiently to the right people with the minimum of fuss.

Imagine if there was a letting agency software that allowed for the basics like registering applicants and uploading properties to the web but also ripped up the normal and reinvented software based on today’s world, so that the same platform allowed you to not only post properties to social media but actually see WHO was looking at those properties both on social and on your website. Imagine if that same software allowed you to schedule and post your content to social media, or work as an email marketing system, allowing you to set up email nurture journeys? Imagine if that system would automate certain tasks for your team such as following up for feedback from valuations and viewings and automatically qualifying portal enquiries to remove the time wasters. What if that system also allowed you to build landing pages to gather new leads directly into your system and had advanced functions like segmenting your database automatically and finding the right people to place your properties and content in front of in social media.

Letting agents no longer have to settle for out of date technology. Welcome to the new age of letting agency. Welcome to Lifesycle.

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