Self-Employed Agents


The self-employed agent is a relatively new phenomenon in UK estate agency. For agents in this boat or for the owners of a brand looking to go down this road, Lifesycle can play an important role in ensuring your long-term success financially.

The mixture of marketing and front-line tools inside Lifesycle mean that whilst centrally the brand guardians can take care of scheduling content, sending newsletters and creating specific audiences to target by email, SMS and social media. The front-line self-employed agents can take advantage of the incredible insights this will bring in terms of booking more viewings, getting more market appraisals and signing up more listings.

Lifesycle will not only allow the self-employed agent to send out their market appraisal reports from the system but in doing so they can be confident in knowing that potential sellers or landlords will receive their consistent and relevant content forever without them having to lift a finger, ensuring they stay at the top of the vendor or landlords thoughts. Lifesycle will also notify that particular agent by email if one of their potential new listings is active on the website or social media reading their content, allowing them to always follow up with the right people at the right time no matter how busy they are.

The proactive tools inside Lifesycle are a godsend to any self-employed agent too. Gathering together all of the information from within the database on buyers, tenants, vendors and landlords, then matching that information with who has been reading which content on social media or the website and arranging easy to manage call lists of who to call in order to sell and let more property or list more property.

Even once a sale has completed Lifesycle will email the new owner every 365 days letting them know another year has passed and asking them if they would like to know the current value of their property. By having a system that looks after the entire lifecycle of a property transaction from awareness on social media right through to everlasting communication after the sale, life and business becomes easier and easier as the years roll by instead of feeling like you are going nowhere.

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